Hello! Since 2014 I have “written” and “published” two books. They are the first two volumes from a series called SMALL BIRDSONGS, hardcovers both industrial and vaguely elegant in design. They are sturdy and pleasant and look different, bless me, than the sort of books you’d find in bookstores. They are small-run signed-and-numbered affairs, you understand.


Both books contain many unorthodox and vaguely artful bird photographs. Both books contain many prose-poetries written by a “character” who is obsessed by these things:

1) problems and solutions

2) the birds of one’s birthplace

3) other people and how to live among them



4) the hopeful idea that in this life, little things mean a lot

5) brains and hearts and how they compare to stone and water

6) obsessions and compulsions and how these potential problems can be reexamined and reconstructed so as to help instead of hinder



7) dreaming while asleep and awake

8) the sweet science of repetition and routine

8) love (yes, love!) in its many bonkers forms

9) purpose, possibility, piety, and perspective!



If any of the sweet beans or polished mulchers wish to get hold of these birdbooks, please do let me know. Scant copies remain and I am eager to get them into hands both agreeable and appropriate. Thank you always; love only!


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