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I forgot I had a “blog” / remembering Spring’s influenza

Tree swallow among the sumach, gazing into the foggy ethereals!


I was poorly already, but when the word came down that one of our rarer warblers was eating bugs in Etobicoke, it became essential for me to spend 5 hours in and around the dirt, snitching along the creek, hoping for pop-ups, easy light, and pictorial sweetwindows. Anyhow, the Kentucky Warbler is an elegant little softy but he is a demon also, and I consider him at least partially responsible for the influenza which ensconced me like a blanket of cold and leggy spiders! But feisty mulchers, worry not: I am on the mend, am no longer agued, and will live to taxidermize and photograph the good Spring warblers yet again!


Another pleasant look at the simple but dressy Kentucky Warbler, seen some days ago in southeast Etobicoke. Then I got influenza and hid in my apartment, but now it’s time to go snitching again.
P.S. The lamebrained composition was necessary because of problems to the left and right.


At night do you scream miseries at each other, with booze on the table, smoking always, smashing bottles and glasses down? Or do you coo like mourning doves on a sill at quiet vesper? If you invite me to your house and I walk the steps to your door and see where a doorbell used to be, push the door open and walk inside, will I hear the rising abuses, insults, and roars?  In this house there lives a howling misery, but it wasn’t always this way!

{Like anyone else, I have neighbors and I can hear their horrid reverberations through the walls but I don’t worry, no no never, and anyhow I am just a shell}

a howling misery but also a sandpiper