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In pursuit of education by the waterside, etc.

Some of the good local whimbrels, in May. It’s no grand skyline here in T.O., but hoo boy, those whimbrels don’t worry about architectural aesthetics so probably neither should I!


Yes yes, we see mallards everywhere and by now I’ll bet they bore you worse than geese or pigeons, but if you saw one today for the first time, you would be astonished by that marvelous greentop, you’d be singing devotional duck songs all the way home!


And finally, an early migrant from early Springtime! The most common of warblers, yes yes, but if you’ve given up on the common birds then you’ve given up on life and love and education and you might as well get yourself a spoon and bucket of worms and tell yourself “This is the only dinner I deserve”. Please remember every day: the common birds have the most to teach us, as long as we let ourselves learn from them!



Oakville’s overwintering Nashville Warbler, seen easily among the confused and beautiful twiggery!


Another fond look at Oakville’s overwintering Nashville Warbler, seen easily among the intersecting twiggery.


In Oakville, Ont. the overwintering warblers bring thrills to many, but when the other bird photographers are around, I hide in the corners or sit in the leaves. When the sun slips away, so do the gunless trophy hunters. “The light is garbage,” they scowl, pack up their longlenses and go back to their cars. And then? Ah yes, and then my nerves settle, my heart eases, and I go snitching in the lovely low-light.


Here now is one flavor of youthful enemy: late 20s, male, thin, plainfaced. Sitting a few tables over from me at the Chinese quickserve dumpling restaurant. Superman t-shirt and big tattoos on the upper arm: greens and blues, red and yellow flowers twisting over rusty chains. Sunglasses atop his big and messy hair. He sits across the table from a plainly-dressed and pretty girl. They laugh together easily and often.
“Why are you angry at this stranger?”
“Because my time at his age was very lonely.”
“That’s not his fault!”
“Yes, but he’s an idiot and obviously so is she.”
“You don’t know that.”
“Just look at him!”
“Actually, you should stop looking at him, he’s starting to notice. What if he comes over and pounds you? Look at those forearms!”
“I wish I could throw dumplings at him.”
“You’re being ridiculous.”
“But I’m the lonely ghost who observes and judges the easy-hearted people!”
“Your brain is full of problems.”
“What else is new?”
etc. and also ha ha

physician, heal thyself, etc.